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Even more classic Josh Reads? Why not. Archive diving a funny site and providing a best-of is about as good a way of dealing with COVID-19 stress as any, at this point.

Ancient Clickhole

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Ten celebrities you never knew were abducted and murdered by Andie McDowell

Soviet Space Museum

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David Wong once ran a website called 'Pointless Waste of Time', which was filled with a unbelievable amount of good content, including dozens of funny/interesting articles that he mostly wrote himself, in his spare time. It is almost impossible to imagine something that good on the Internet now that social media and SEO punish people for content that is not either marketing or emotions porn.

Then he was editor for Cracked for years, occasionally contributing a good article. Now he's quit the article business to be a serious novelist, but he poked his head out of his hidey-hole to point out how COVID-19 in movies is going to be awful.

Arezzo Chimera Detail

This thing never fails to blow my mind.

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One thing this blog needs more of is definitely soviet-era Estonian art films. Firebird.

The Ghost Moth

Cool, but not as cool as something called a 'ghost moth' should be.

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Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe creates 20 minutes of good ambient music using dozens of unique instruments made by Harry Bertoia.