'Build Your Own Lisp' Solutions: 5.3

Q: Why are there back slashes \ at the end of the line in the grammar?

A: C will ignore a combination of a newline followed by \, which lets you format long strings more nicely. An example:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
  /* If you count the spaces here and in the resulting output, there are
   * 11. The \ and the newline are dropped. */
  printf("this is line one \
          and this is line two\n");

  return 0;
this is line one           and this is line two

Selene, In the Capitoline Museum

'Build Your Own Lisp' Solutions: 5.2
(5.1 is a fun exercise and left to the reader)

Q: Why are there back slashes \ in front of the quote marks " in the grammar?

A: So the C compiler doesn't mistake them for quotation marks which end the string.

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The characters suspensefully twiddle their thumbs for about an hour and a half, then there's a nice action scene.

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