The Wolf Of Wall Street (2018)

Scorsese tries to do with Wall Street what he used to do with the Mafia. As a comedy, it's pretty funny but nothing special. As a crime film, no matter how much coke and boobs you throw in, white collar crime just isn't as exciting or cinematic as life-and-death organized crime movies. Stock brokers are also less sympathetic. It would be laughable to have a Wall Street investor praying like Charlie Cappa.

Scorsese does his "I'm celebrating them, but I'm also chiding them" thing, again like with the Mafia, or like with religion in Silence, but it seems extremely disingenuous. Much in the same way real-life gangsters like Goodfellas, and real-life religious people like Silence, a quick google search revealed that scum-of-the-earth website Linkedin published an article called "4 Sales Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street".