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Rabbit: good but nightmarish animated short


Ruddy Turnstone


Weekly Links Change/Rat

I've found that I'm better at queuing up a lot of posts at once than sitting down once a week and doing weekly links. So from now on, as my Year of the Rat resolution, I'll be doing one daily link instead of weekly links. That way I can queue up a bunch and never miss them.

Our first daily link, to celebrate my resolution and because it's still Spring Festival/Lunar New Years' Season until February 9th, is a post on Japanese Rat Art by one of my favourite blogs.

Clara The Rhinoceros - Bernhard Sigfried Albinus

Clara The Rhinoceros - Bernhard Sigfried Albinus

Wandering Tattler

Charles Allan Cathcart Grave, Anjer-Lor, West Java, Indonesia