Austin Powers (1997)

When it came out, I was in my early teens and the perfect age to appreciate this kind of humour. Watching it again, more than twenty years later, the Dr. Evil scenes still hold up well, the rest is so-so. A lot of the jokes are about how the nineties are darker and edgier than the innocent 60s but, in retrospect, the 90s seem like one of the nicer decades, while the 60s had Vietnam, political assassinations, cold war, the rapid escalation of conflict in Northern Ireland...

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Childrens Hospital - Season 5

This season starts with Dr. Blake Downs coming back from the dead and Childrens Hospital temporarily relocating to an army base in Japan. Dr. Sprat becomes a secret agent, Sy fakes a five-star restaurant to hoodwink a famous hospital reviewer, and it all comes together in a violent, gory battle of compatriot against compatriot. I hate that I have seen every episode of this show because I miss new Childrens Hospital so badly.

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The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Not as consistently good as The Lego Movie, but a still a lot better than it has any right to be.

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