Grave of Holy Roman Emperor Henry V
...of investiture conflict fame

Aachen City Hall

The Dominions of William The Conqueror

18-07-29 Weekly Links

Grave Of Angus Martin, Kilmuir, Isle Of Sky

History and the Historians of Medieval Spain - Peter Linehan

This mess of a book is badly in need of an editor. The name alone hints that the author couldn't decide what book he was writing.

His observations on history are mainly uninteresting. His observations on historians range from boring to catty.

Bernward Doors Lion Detail
Hildesheim Cathedral, 11th Century

História de Portugal : Estado, Pátria e Nação (1080-1415) - Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão

He does fairly good research, but his style is plodding and it's hard to overlook the major religious/nationalist bias he explicitly states from the beginning, especially when he extensively quotes Marcelo Caetano...

Europe 1180