Midnight Run (1988)

Extremely fun action/comedy/road movie. Charles Grodin is a seriously overlooked comedic talent and this is probably the funniest movie of the decade, for whatever that's worth. The ending is painful 80s'ish, but whatever.

Coen Brothers #4: The Hudsucker Proxy

Fun. Especially the visuals and Jennifer Jason Leigh' fast-talking reporter.

Also the first Coen Brothers film to be a long tribute to a mostly-forgotten era of pop culture, which is mostly a good thing, although those movies seem to be the ones that polarize the fans the most. I'm a movie buff, but I'm guessing more than half the references went over my head. With this category of Coen film, it's best not to expect much, and just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2018)

Scorsese tries to do with Wall Street what he used to do with the Mafia. As a comedy, it's pretty funny but nothing special. As a crime film, no matter how much coke and boobs you throw in, white collar crime just isn't as exciting or cinematic as life-and-death organized crime movies. Stock brokers are also less sympathetic. It would be laughable to have a Wall Street investor praying like Charlie Cappa.

Scorsese does his "I'm celebrating them, but I'm also chiding them" thing, again like with the Mafia, or like with religion in Silence, but it seems extremely disingenuous. Much in the same way real-life gangsters like Goodfellas, and real-life religious people like Silence, a quick google search revealed that scum-of-the-earth website Linkedin published an article called "4 Sales Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street".


Never, ever go near power. Don't become friends with anyone who has real power. It's dangerous.

- Stanley Kubrick, more quotes at Fortunecardia

Paths Of Glory - 1957

Ridiculous. And cowardly. If he'd made this movie about his own country's military, and not an country with fighting on its own soil, he'd have had his career destroyed. If Kubrick hadn't made it, no one would take this seriously.

19-02-10 Weekly Links

Boy (2010)

Underneath the quirkiness and humour and beautiful scenery, there's a heart-breaking story about parenthood, responsibility, and substance abuse. I love it and I wish I'd never seen it. Taika Waititi is the greatest filmmaker of the decade.

Encounters At The End Of The World (2007)

My favourite Herzog documentary. Antarctica, bright colours, passionate scientists. Herzog tries to be his normal self, saying things like "For most of our time here, we had postcard-pretty weather conditions. This was frustrating because I loathe the sun", but actually he manages to make the world look like a cooler, more positive place.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

They did a really good job. If I had tried writing this, it would probably have just been Thanos ordering an everything bagel, and then being really disappointed.