Soldier With A Pipe - Fernand Léger

Bathers, Mont Sainte-Victoire In The Background - Paul Cézanne

Self-Portrait In Studio - Franz Stuck

Weekly Links - tl;dr Edition

Sorry for missing two weeks of weekly links! I was hiding in a bunker in fear of one of the 84293 world-wide crises this month that I now only vaguely remember.

Hopscotch - Julio Cortázar

A dark, seedy, erotic Choose Your Own Adventure.

To strangle the little faubourienne you have turned into your whore, turn to page 235!

To smoke clove cigarettes and discuss people who haven't read Mauriac, turn to page 431!

Ghostbusters II (1989)

The thing about Ghostbusters II is, even though it's not good, it's still pretty good.

Pattern For Conquest

The Truce Between Lois Lane And Lana Lang!

Andorra La Vella, 1986