I Have Died Every Day

An Original Linotype Machine

Even After 23 Years Of Fixes, Javascript Is Still Javascript

The Raft Of The Medusa - Théodore Géricault

Derek - Season One

Great cast. Sometimes everything comes together and works but, most of the time, it varies weirdly between cringey, hilarious, boring, touching, and cheesy. I admire the effort (A+), but I'd have rather not wasted my time.

Anagallis Arvensis, Scarlet Pimpernel

Weekly Links - Geometry Edition

The Edges Of Logic

Logic can be used to solve problems, but it cannot suggest which problems to try. No one has ever formalized significance. To recognize what is significant you need a certain amount of experience, plus that elusive quality: intuition.

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

Still the greatest road movie ever made.