The Celebration (1998)

It's meant to be shocking and serious and definitely not entertaining. It's meant to provoke discussion but what discussion? Raping kids is bad? There's not many people on the other side of that issue, and this movie isn't going to change any minds about anything.

It seems a little disingenuous when filmmakers do this, because film just isn't the right medium for these kinds of discussions. Film is the right medium for dinosaurs and explosions and spaceships. Do you honestly thing fewer kids are going to get raped because a few aficionados undertook the chore of sitting through an uncomfortable art film for an hour and a half?

Commedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Season 3

Some primitive part of my mind keeps thinking, "A funny person interviewing funny people. That will definitely be funny." and Seinfeld keeps proving me wrong again and again. It's like he's conducting some kind of experiment to punish people for liking comedy.

DC: The New Frontier, Volume 2

What starts off with a lot of potential turns into a checklist of DC heroes firing their lasers at a completely nondescript generic villain with no motivation. Will they fire their lasers hard enough? At first it seems like no they won't, but, in the end, yes they will.

Silence (2016)

Here are some Jewish people being massacred in Lisbon's main square. Notice the people up front. As key members of the Portuguese Inquisition, Portuguese Jesuits searched out hidden Jewish communities, who were massacred upon discovery. This went on from 1531 to 1773. The fact that the Portuguese Jesuit characters in this film were witnessing Buddhists doing to Christians what Jesuits did to Jews in Portugal was either intentional or unintentional irony, but Scorsese never lets on.

It's a very well-made movie, but the main character is not believable as a 17th century Jesuit. Every aspect of his character bleeds with modern thinking, and there's no getting past that for me.

Commedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Season 2

You can safely skip all these, even if you are a fan of the people being interviewed. The ones with Obama, Letterman, Carl Reiner, and Will Ferrell are just barely mildly entertaining. It's interesting to see Rickles drop his bit here and there, but he also makes weird comments at a waitress.

Jack (1996)

It's a heart-warming/tear-jerking family comedy about a boy who ages four times faster than normal, so by the time he is ten, he has the body of a forty year old. You can probably guess the entire plot from there.

The movie seems to be barely aware of how horrific the premise actually is, but that's fine because future-suicide Robin William's ad-libbing is a pleasant distraction.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini - John Fonte

Miserable people doing miserable things and feeling miserable about it.

This book gets thrown around by people who like Bukowski. I'm not a huge Bukowski fan, but I find his books more readable than Fonte, just because Bukowski knew when to occasionally crack a joke or give a character a charming quirk.

Loving the graphic design, though. Look at that up there.

The Persians - Aeschylus

Xerxes is a funner character when he's not so sad and pathetic.

The Mythical Man Month - Fred Brooks

For years I thought this was called 'The Mythical Man Moth', so obviously it was extremely disappointing.