Graphic Style: From Victorian To * - Seymour Chwast

Basically, a lot of good examples with some lightweight commentary. More famous pieces mixed in with some really interesting, odd, obscure gems that are, in some cases, seemingly ungooglable.

Stranger Things 3

Wings - Season One

One of the most unfairly-forgotten sitcoms of all time, involving some of the writers from Cheers. In spite of a rocky first few episodes, it holds up much better than most sitcoms from the same era. Also, it takes place in Nantucket and, in one episode, they have an almost-unrecognisable Megan Mullally play the girl from the limerick.

Homestuck Epilogues Review

Two book-length epilogues to Homestuck which can be read in any order and foreshadow one another. In spite of that, extremely readable. I couldn't put it down. The fact that he pulled that off so smoothly is extremely impressive.

It's also a real bummer. It's littered with hilarious jokes, but reading it was still an intense, uncomfortable look into all the most pathetic and depressing corners of adulthood, blown up to epic proportions, as opposed to the more high-energy, wacky teen drama of the original.

The endings imply more is coming (or maybe not?) so I'm not even sure what kind of rating I can give to this: a perfect score if he manages to follow it up with something of similar quality. Go read it. Unless you haven't read Homestuck yet, in which case, I'm jealous that you get to read it the first time, from the beginning.

Angel's Egg (1985)

A disturbing, artsy 80s anime about a girl walking around with an egg. What more could you ask for?

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Not as consistently good as The Lego Movie, but a still a lot better than it has any right to be.

Meru (2015)

Some of the editing is pretty sketchy, but it's got great camera work and no stupid music, which is about all you can expect from a mountain climbing movie.

Midnight Run (1988)

Extremely fun action/comedy/road movie. Charles Grodin is a seriously overlooked comedic talent and this is probably the funniest movie of the decade, for whatever that's worth. The ending is painful 80s'ish, but whatever. You've got to take the good 80s with the bad 80s.

The Hudsucker Proxy

Fun. Especially the visuals and Jennifer Jason Leigh's fast-talking reporter.

Also the first Coen Brothers film to be a long tribute to a mostly-forgotten era of pop culture, which is mostly a good thing, although those movies seem to be the ones that polarize the fans the most. I'm a movie buff, but I'm guessing more than half the references went over my head. With this category of Coen film, it's best not to expect much, and just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.