Coen Brothers #2: Raising Arizona (1987)

The first Coen comedy. A 90-minute redneck joke is a bit much, but the actors play their roles with so much conviction, it's impossible not to love their characters.

Holly Hunter is always good but is never in good movies, so this is the closest we can get to seeing her with the career she should have had.

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

It was fun and all, but it lacked some of that sweet RPGness from the first game. And the rawness of the first game. And the sense of exploration and place (the hubs are scaled back and a lot of the missions feel almost like rail shooters). And it doesn't have the story telling or atmosphere of I or III. And the main villain is a pointless non-entity who keeps repeating the stupidest lines. And the ending is some dumb heavy metal thing. But it's fun and has fun characters so why not have some wacky filler in the middle?

Prometheus (2012)

The internet made me feel bad for liking this. I'm not sure why I let them influence me; the only movies the internet likes are the Dark Knight, all MCU movies, and the Star Wars franchise but none of the individual Star Wars movies.

Anyway, I'm supposed to hate this because, in the film, some characters in their 20s make an irrational decision under duress, which I am supposed to find unrealistic. I'd say this is about as good as the seventh movie in a franchise is going to get.

Children's Hospital Season 2

Slightly funnier than season 1, but not the comedy freight train it became in season 3.

It's absolutely mind-blowing to think that this parody of Grey's Anatomy ran its full seven seasons and ended over two years ago, while Grey's still blindly stumbles on, killing off characters as fast as they're introduced.

Black Panther

I'm glad these are good again.

More English Fairy Tales - Joseph Jacobs
Click on this. It is beautiful.

I was looking for a neat little traditional poem that Wordsworth mentioned, and Google gave me this extremely lively mix of familiar and less-familiar stories. Jacobs does an excellent job of finding good stories and retelling them in his own voice.

So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away

It's his most beautiful novel, the complete product of all his years of excellent prose and poetry. It's also painfully bleak and morbid in a way even his darkest books hadn't been.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Do you remember Star Wars being fun, good-looking action-adventure movies with a lot of one-liners, and a main character who was kind of a whiner? Then you will like this movie. It's maybe a bit too busy compared to the originals, but still good.

Would you describe Star Wars as a "life-defining event" or in some way personally important to you? Have you watched the originals so many times that you've memorized all the dialogue, and don't experience any happiness watching them, besides the warm comfort of familiarity? Is Star Wars an unfeeling, unresponding, but safe and predictable surrogate mother to you? Then apparently you will hate this movie so much that you will burn your own possessions and join a social media white supremacist group.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity (2018)

It's not bad, in spite of the fact that half of it is just him complaining about Twitter.