Caravaggio - Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto

Fountain Of The Four Rivers - Bernini

Prometheus Unbound - Percy Shelley

This painting accurately represents the pain of the boredom I felt when reading this book. I can't believe someone read Prometheus Bound and thought this was the direction the story was supposed to take.

Hendrickje Sleeping - Rembrandt

Et In Arcadia Ego - Guernico

Andrew Graham Renaissance

A six part series on the Renaissance, which apparently has never been rerun or released on DVD *cough*. All I could find on it was a review from the Telegraph which is ranty, dishonest, and poorly-argued even by "Hitler was left-wing" Telegraph standards. ("standards").

Pleasantly-written narration, good camera work, and tasteful pacing make this both extremely relaxing and extremely exciting. I couldn't recommend it more strongly.

Two Women Teaching A Child To Walk - Rembrandt

Flower Study - Hyacinthe Rigaud

Piazza Cavour, Rimini