Ted Chiang - Stories Of Your Life And Others (2002)

The story the collection is named after - which is wonderful beyond words - was made into the movie Arrival. That film was pretty ambitious considering how uncinematic the original was. Beyond that, the math geek in me loved "Division by Zero". The other stories are extremely entertaining, occasionally clumsy, and a bit forgettable.

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald (1925)

Everyone's rich and goes to parties and it's extremely tragic.

Poems and Ballads - Algernon Charles Swinburne

I think this could have been edited down into a perfect book about a third of the size.

Aristotle - On Interpretation

My basic takeaway from this is that not every not-man is not not just.

I, Robot - Isaac Asimov

“You’re the psychologist, aren’t you?”

Robopsychologist, please.”

Code Complete - Steve McConnell

Motivational speeches for people who say, "Let me bing it on my Windows Phone".

McConnell likes to spend fifty pages driving home ideas that could be summed up in one or two sentences, and which generally aren't that profound ("planning ahead is important"). His anecdotes are idiotically exaggerated, like the cigar-chomping general who storms around the office demanding to count lines of code.

Monet - Mike Venezia

My ten-year-old is in love with this book. She found it randomly at the school library, and ended up doing a very enthusiastic book report on it, where she dressed as an elderly Monet. Getting a ten-year-old to love impressionism is pretty impressive.

A PreHistory Of The Far Side - Gary Larson

Phil Collins' favourite book, according to Desert Island Discs.

A Brief History Of Time - Stephen Hawking

Man, I hate particles now.