Tig Notaro: Happy to Be Here (2018)

People seem to either really like Tig or they don't. This is Tig at her Tiggyest, so if you know who she is, you can probably guess from this sentence how much you'll enjoy it.

18-05-27 Weekly Links

Mr. D - Season 1

It's like a game of telephone. Every episode is a slight rewrite of a previous episode.

Chris Rock - Tambourine (2018)

Don't drag me into your friggin divorce, man. I wanted to watch some dang comedy.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity (2018)

It's not bad, in spite of the fact that half of it is just him complaining about Twitter.

The Standups - Season 1

Beth Stelling and Deon Cole are hilarious. The rest are fine.

Live And Let Die (1973)

This has my vote for worst James Bond movie. Even a silly movie like Moonraker has its charms and some good action sequences.

James Bond is completely out-of-place in a blaxploitation film. Roger Moore is bland and obnoxious; he was never the best Bond, but he's a lot more watchable in any other Bond film. Every scene is flat and tiresome and misses the mark. In the dramatic climax, the main villain gets blown up like a balloon (pictured).

In the very last scene, we find out the moral of the story is that Voodoo is real, even though Voodoo was only tangential to the plot. It's like if Godfather ended with Michael turning to the camera and saying, "I guess what we've all learned in these last few months is that oranges are delicious".

Man Down, 1st Christmas Special

What an amazing and beautiful cast this was.

Man Down - Season 1

An over-the-top combination of violent slapstick and the most miserable of British humour.

It takes a handful of sturdy, reliable sitcom tropes and twists them into near-unrecognizability. The entire cast is brilliant, the writing is excellent, and Roisin Conaty's blind enthusiasm brilliantly offsets the rest of the show. Even with a rocky first episode, I couldn't recommend this strongly enough.