Weekly Links Change/Rat

I've found that I'm better at queuing up a lot of posts at once than sitting down once a week and doing weekly links. So from now on, as my Year of the Rat resolution, I'll be doing one daily link instead of weekly links. That way I can queue up a bunch and never miss them.

Our first daily link, to celebrate my resolution and because it's still Spring Festival/Lunar New Years' Season until February 9th, is a post on Japanese Rat Art by one of my favourite blogs.

Daily Link: Bill Griffith's Ernie Bushmiller

Bill Griffith, of Zippy fame, was the one who turned me onto Ernie Bushmiller's genius. Now Griffith has written a graphic novel biography called "Three Rocks: The Ernie Bushmiller Story". Here are excerpts.

Daily Link: Clark Street

The commercial art of Clark Street, Chicago.

Daily Link - The Four Kings Of Canada

The Four Kings of Canada, 1710

Daily Link: Lazy Enumerators In Ruby

Fun with Ruby

Daily Link: Voyager

Voyager but out of context is an excellent work of comedic editing. I love Voyager but it sure got wacky a lot.

Daily Links - Factorials Of Fractions

This blog post on factorials of fractions helped clear up a tricky bit of math for me. Actually, pretty neat!

Daily Link: Banwhich

Better network usage visualization for the console

Daily Link - De Stijl

Every issue of De Stijl Magazine in PDF form. I can't read Dutch, but the visuals are incredible.