Henry IV and Joan of Navarre, Canterbury Cathedral

Prometheus Unbound - Percy Shelley

This painting accurately represents the pain of the boredom I felt when reading this book. I can't believe someone read Prometheus Bound and thought this was the direction the story was supposed to take.

More English Fairy Tales - Joseph Jacobs
Click on this. It is beautiful.

I was looking for a neat little traditional poem that Wordsworth mentioned, and Google gave me this extremely lively mix of familiar and less-familiar. Jacobs does an excellent job of finding good stories and retelling them in his own voice, which is a lot more engaging and readable than other books like this can be.

18-08-26 Weekly Links

Joseph Turner - Riva degli Schiavoni

18-10-14 Weekly Links

Tepidarium - Lawrence Alma-Tadema

The Climax - Aubrey Beardsley

The Shrine Of St. Alban