Homestuck Epilogues Review

Two book-length epilogues to Homestuck which can be read in any order and foreshadow one another. In spite of that, extremely readable. I couldn't put it down. The fact that he pulled that off so smoothly is extremely impressive.

It's also a real bummer. It's littered with hilarious jokes, but reading it was still an intense, uncomfortable look into all the most pathetic and depressing corners of adulthood, blown up to epic proportions, as opposed to the more high-energy, wacky teen drama of the original.

The endings imply more is coming (or maybe not?) so I'm not even sure what kind of rating I can give to this: a perfect score if he manages to follow it up with something of similar quality. Go read it. Unless you haven't read Homestuck yet, in which case, I'm jealous that you get to read it the first time, from the beginning.