Caravaggio - Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto

Fresco of Venus from Pompeii

1900 (Novecento) (1976)

It's good for a movie that is 5 hours and 17 minutes long, in the sense that I could force myself to watch it till the end.

It's a metaphorical representation of the class structure in Italy, starring an American, a French guy, and a Canadian, all poorly dubbed by Italian actors.

Ancient Roman Apartment Building, Ostia Antica

Aristotle - Categories
Aristotle and the Personification of Dialectic, Andrea di Bonaiuto (1365)

Fresco From Livia's Villa


But the bilberry blue oweth nothing to you-
It groweth for the rich and poor;
Oh! mean were the might that would question the right
To roam on the bilberry moors.
- John Swain (fortunecardia)

Fountain Of The Four Rivers - Bernini

Ancient Mosaic, Found In Rome Earlier This Year