Tig Notaro: Happy to Be Here (2018)

People seem to either really like Tig or they don't. This is Tig at her Tiggyest, so if you know who she is, you can probably guess from this sentence how much you'll enjoy it.

Steve Martin and Martin Short Netflix Special (2018)

When I was young, old guys like Bob Hope would do meandering specials like this. I'd watch them and find them fairly funny but think, "What am I missing?" I get it now.

Arrested Development Season 5, Part One

Eddie Murphy Delirious (1983)

The good parts are good but the bad parts are really bad. So bad that if Eddie Murphy was white, the Intellectual Dark Web would be writing think pieces about how society betrayed his dream of punching women.

Mr. D - Season 1

It's like a game of telephone. Every episode is a slight rewrite of a previous episode.

Bob's Burgers - Season 6

Like every Bob's Burgers season, it's lovable and low-key, and loads the end of the season with too much filler.


From the Corner Gas Wikipedia Page

Production of an animated adaptation was announced in December 2016. Slated to debut on The Comedy Network on April 2, 2018, Corner Gas Animated will feature all of the original cast voicing their original characters, except for Janet Wright who died in 2016. The role of Emma will instead be voiced by actress Corrine Koslo.

Jesus Christ, they couldn't just write her character out of the show? They must have really hated her.

Maron - Season 1

"Mary Sue" doesn't even begin to describe this. More than half the episodes are him complaining that too many beautiful women want to have sex with him.