Cycladic Woman's Head

Cycladic Harp Player

Weaving Detail From Lekythos - Amasis Painter

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Eutruscan Kantharos

The Eye Of The Knossos Bull's Head


The blade itself incites to deeds of violence.

Kamares Vases


Wherever a great heart throbs and rages, wherever a liberating thought flares up, there Athena is present, summoned rather by heroic readiness than by humble supplication. From her own lips we hear that she is attracted by prowess, not by good will or devotion to her person. The men who can most surely rely upon her offer her no unusual reverence, and it is unthinkable that her assistance should ever be motivated by the exemplary obedience of her protégés.

- Walter F. Otto, The Homeric Gods, more quotes at Fortunecardia