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Star Wars

Your Thoughts Dwell On Your Mother?

18-11-25 Weekly Links

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Do you remember Star Wars being fun, good-looking action-adventure movies with a lot of one-liners, and a main character who was kind of a whiner? Then you will like this movie. It's maybe a bit too busy compared to the originals, but still good.

Would you describe Star Wars as a "life-defining event" or in some way personally important to you? Have you watched the originals so many times that you've memorized all the dialogue, and don't experience any happiness watching them, besides the warm comfort of familiarity? Is Star Wars an unfeeling, unresponding, but safe and predictable surrogate mother to you? Then apparently you will hate this movie so much that you will burn your own possessions and join a social media white supremacist group.

Sexy Ackbar