My City in 1889

Another Bow River Picture

Growing up, I was driven through here nearly every long weekend. Back then, it never occurred to me that this area was interesting or beautiful.

The Beaverton Has Been Killing It Lately

The Beaverton

This is a Great Country

Daily Links

Crac, one of the great animated shorts of all time. Canada's 'Hundred Years Of Solitude'. I hope you like crying.

Daily Link - The Four Kings Of Canada

The Four Kings of Canada, 1710

Quadra Village, Victoria, 1950

The two buildings in focus are still there and still being used. They've been trying very hard to gentrify the entire city, but this one area is stubbornly resisting. Which means there was a payday loan place and a methadone clinic in the same complex as a restaurant that charged $28 for plain scrambled eggs.

Weekly Links - Feeling Happy Because Life Is Good Edition

Corner Gas - Season One

Not bad, but, unless you're already a fan, jump to season two. Or just watch the last episode if you're not sure. The romance subplot was awful, but they picked up the fumble later on.