Corner Gas - Season One

Not bad, but, unless you're already a fan, jump to season two. Or just watch the last episode if you're not sure. The romance subplot was awful, but they picked up the fumble later on.

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Mass Effect 3 (2012)

I only played the Mass Effect games years after this was released, so the original incomplete ending wasn't a big issue for me. Super fun, much more consistent expansions, incredible atmosphere of war and finality. I hate to be one of those Canadians, but I loved starting the game in Vancouver (and the weird fact that Bioware is located in Edmonton, of all places). I appreciate that they would put so much effort into building such a complex universe and so many unusually well-developed characters, and end it so finally that there is no real opportunity for a meaningful sequel.


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Kim's Convenience - Season 2

Kim's Convenience is still going strong for season two. Along with great character arcs, some of the jokes make me cry with laughter. One gag in particular had me laughing uncontrollably for days afterwards every time I thought about it.

Schitt's Creek - Season One

This one starts out badly. The cast is perfect but the characters are unlikable. There are solid jokes, but the stories are clichéd. As the season goes on, though, the writers start sanding down the edges, and by the end it starts looking like a decent show.

Kim's Convenience - Season 1

The cast is perfect, the writers obviously take a great deal of care with the characters, and the jokes are really funny. My first fit of uncontrollable laughter was at the beginning of episode 2. It's pretty rare to see a great family sitcom - I can't think of any offhand - and it's especially rare to see a sitcom where all the parts fit together perfectly right from the beginning.