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I know that "I Think You Should Leave" isn't news, but I can't stop watching this clip again and again and again.

Some Like It Hot (1959)

The two most important things to know about movie critics are:

Take a look at any best movie list by professional critics, and the standard cross-dressing scam movies are bound to be there. Drag queen movies don't generally make it because the men have to be cross-dressing due to some situational necessity, not just because they personally like it.

As far as critical-darling cross-dressing movies go, this is the least stupid one, although by Billy Wilder or Jack Lemon standards it's pretty weak.

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Good news and bad news. 'Reno 911!' is coming back. With the best version of the cast. And the trailer is good. But it's coming to yet another new subscription streaming service, which looks otherwise full of shows that I would not watch in a million billion years. I would pay $6.99 a month not to have to watch these shows.

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Interesting article on the appeal of Leave It To Beaver.

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Norm Macdonald on the Coronavirus: part one and part two.

The Alchemist - Ben Jonson

I really want to like a play that starts with 'I fart at thee', but most of the humour doesn't really hit home.

The sort of people that praise this as a masterpiece and a work of genius also become visibly upset when the same type of humour is sold to a modern audience. I had English teachers who would endlessly whine and complain about Adam Sandler and the like, but is this monument of world literature really any different? The world of English majors and literary critics has a lot more to do with posturing than with actual books.

Ghostbusters II (1989)

The thing about Ghostbusters II is, even though it's not good, it's still pretty good.

Third Rock From The Sun - Season One

They're all good, even the odd reoccurring characters, but Jane Curtain is an understated comedic genius. Skip the first few episodes and it starts to get really funny. Skip the last episode, as well. It is the start of a painfully bad story arc.

Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein (2019)

Silly comedy short staring the Stranger Things guy and Kate Berlant. Nothing special but a few good laughs.