Meru (2015)

Some of the editing is pretty sketchy, but it's got great camera work and no stupid music, which is about all you can expect from a mountain climbing movie.

Ways Of Seeing (1972)

A four-part documentary where an art critic discusses the importance of context in fine art. Cynical, but in a very specific and focused way, and with insights that are interesting and occasionally frightening. Also, very groovy 70s aesthetics.

In last part he discusses the psychology of advertizing. Some footage of Jimmy Savile pops up for half a second, as well as a picture of an ad featuring Rolf Harris, which is pretty jarring and unintentionally drives the episode's point home in odd, unexpected ways.

Encounters At The End Of The World (2007)

My favourite Herzog documentary. Antarctica, bright colours, passionate scientists. Herzog tries to be his normal self, saying things like "For most of our time here, we had postcard-pretty weather conditions. This was frustrating because I loathe the sun", but actually he manages to make the world look like a cooler, more positive place.