Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni - Domenico Ghirlandaio

Masaccio's Expulsion in Context

Practically everything I know about art history comes from books, so it was years before I realized that this was in a church, or had any idea of how big or small it was, or that a lot of these were close to one another.

The Chenghua Emperor Of Ming

Esmeralda And Her Goat Djali - Lionel Royer

Collection Of The Body Of Don Álvaro De Luna - José María Rodríguez De Losada

Caxton's Canterbury Tales

The History Of The Mohammedan Dynasties In Spain, Volume 2 - Al-Maqqari

Although the Muslims in medieval Spain left behind an expansive literature, little of it has been translated into English (although quite a bit has been translated into Spanish and French). Not only is this a readable and interesting history, but the translator has included a lot of well-chosen excerpts of other works in the appendix. It also deals extensively with the Almohads and the last Emirate of Granada, which both tend to be neglected in English-language scholarship.

Basilica Di San Lorenzo Interior

Young Man Being Introduced To The Liberal Arts - Sandro Botticelli