18-12-09 Weekly Links

Fallout 2 (1998)
Roughly the point where I lost interest in the game.

When I was about 15, a friend of mine strongly encouraged me to play this. It's too bad, because I probably would have liked it if I'd played it back then. Now a complicated RPG feels like doing chores, and what teenage me would have thought was dark and edgy seems bland and drab.

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

It was fun and all, but it lacked some of that sweet RPGness from the first game. And the rawness of the first game. And the sense of exploration and place (the hubs are scaled back and a lot of the missions feel almost like rail shooters). And it doesn't have the story telling or atmosphere of I or III. And the main villain is a pointless non-entity who keeps repeating the stupidest lines. And the ending is some dumb heavy metal thing. But it's fun and has fun characters so why not have some wacky filler in the middle?

Cool Frog And Dolphin

Doom (1993)

It was revolutionary when it came out, but a million better (and less monochrome) shooters have come out in the meantime, making this feel pretty drab and boring.

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