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The author dances on a fine line between insightful and cartoonish. His writing style is so awful that every time he quoted someone else, I felt a sensation of relief, as if I were going on a pleasant little vacation.

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Tuca And Bertie (2019)

I think it's tacky to review something when I'm obviously so far out of the intended target demo. I don't want to be like some wilfully-naive critic who complains that an action movie isn't a nuanced drama, or that a comedy isn't a nuanced drama, or that a children's movie isn't a nuanced drama, etc., etc., etc..

On the other hand, the marketing went after Bojack Horseman fans, heavily referenced its behind-the-scenes connections with Bojack, and did not let on, in the slightest, how different a show this was, so I'm sure I'm not the only person to have accidentally watched this.

It's supposed to be the trials and tribulations of two female friends in the city, but there's not much character development and the jokes are so-so. Every frame looks like it was designed to sell "Live Laugh Love" merchandise. I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook starts getting flooded with Bertie and Tuca memes about which diseases vaccinations cause.

A lot of hype was made over multi-ethnic casting. And wow, all the Asians play meek, work-driven geeks and the Black actress plays a sassy idiot who digs through and is covered in garbage. This is a show made by an affluent white woman with the obvious target demo of affluent white women who say "I'm not racist but..."

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The Wolf Of Wall Street (2018)

Scorsese tries to do with Wall Street what he used to do with the Mafia. As a comedy, it's pretty funny but nothing special. As a crime film, no matter how much coke and boobs you throw in, white collar crime just isn't as exciting or cinematic as life-and-death organized crime movies. Stock brokers are also less sympathetic. It would be laughable to have a Wall Street investor praying like Charlie Cappa.

Scorsese does his "I'm celebrating them, but I'm also chiding them" thing, again like with the Mafia, or like with religion in Silence, but it seems extremely disingenuous. Much in the same way real-life gangsters like Goodfellas, and real-life religious people like Silence, a quick google search revealed that scum-of-the-earth website Linkedin published an article called "4 Sales Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street".