18-09-23 Weekly Links

Burning Mike

(Due to a brutally busy work week and my daughter's first week back at school, I'm forced to miss weekly links for the first time since I started the site. Sorry about that)

Candide - Voltaire

This book is meant to make fun of Leibniz. It's fairly funny and I enjoyed it as a teenager, before I was familiar with Voltaire's other works.

Leibniz has a spotty record as a philosopher, but his contributions to mathematics go far beyond the calculus you normally hear about. His fingerprints are all over pure math and formal logic and computer science and computer hardware and engineering in general. Next time you're in an airplane and it doesn't crash, thank Leibniz twenty times over.

Voltaire, on the other hand, was a rich, sarcastic dickhead whose rants against Jewish and Black people were extremely racist even by the standards of the 18th century. Screw this book.

Top Heavy

18-07-29 Weekly Links

Sarah Silverman Told A Dirty Joke Eight Years Ago
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CNN and Fox News are both trying to stretch out the James Gunn controversy by pointing out that Sarah Silverman told an obscene joke. Next you'll be telling me Seinfeld's been doing observational humour.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Do you remember Star Wars being fun, good-looking action-adventure movies with a lot of one-liners, and a main character who was kind of a whiner? Then you will like this movie. Maybe a bit too busy compared to the originals.

Would you describe Star Wars as a "life-defining event" or in some way personally important to you? Have you watched the originals so many times that you've memorized all the dialogue, and don't experience any happiness watching them, besides the warm comfort of familiarity? Is Star Wars an unfeeling, unresponding, but safe and predictable surrogate mother to you? Then apparently you will hate this movie so much that you will burn your own possessions and join a social media white supremacist group.

18-07-01 Weekly Links

Code Complete - Steve McConnell

Motivational speeches for people who say, "Let me bing it on my Windows Phone".

McConnell likes to spend fifty pages driving home ideas that could be summed up in one or two sentences, and which generally aren't that profound ("planning ahead is important"). His anecdotes are idiotically exaggerated, like the cigar-chomping general who storms around the office demanding to count lines of code.