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Weekly Links - Our Glorious Future Edition

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How Dare You Worry About Microsoft Aquiring Github?

Editor's Note: The week that Microsoft acquired Github, dozens of new accounts were created on Reddit and Hacker News to scold people for not admitting Microsoft had changed in the last four years, as if that were common knowledge. Almost all of these posts started with, "You have to admit..." and used similar phrasing. This parody was made to commemorate that hilarious week, and is being left here for historical value.

Open source aficionados are acting like Microsoft hasn't obviously improved dramatically in the last four years, and what cold, horrible people you are. You see, Microsoft used to be a corporation with unethical business practices, but now they are a bunch of fun guys like you and me, and they like Linux now! Why do you refuse to give them a chance?

Oh, sure, Microsoft used to assign a big R&D budget to two or three products at most, and then heavily market thousands of pieces of crap that barely worked, knowing name-brand recognition would be enough. But now they're about quality, and they're still marketing Windows Server, so obviously they are using Window Server to host Bing and why not move Github to Windows Server as well? A company that has improved so much in four years wouldn't try anything sneaky would they?!?

Isn't it about forgiveness? I'm sure Microsoft would forgive you, so why can't you find it in your heart to forgive a bunch of wacky, open source-loving dudes like your bros at Microsoft?

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