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Ten celebrities you never knew were abducted and murdered by Andie McDowell

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Some Like It Hot (1959)

The two most important things to know about movie critics are:

Take a look at any best movie list by professional critics, and the standard cross-dressing scam movies are bound to be there. Drag queen movies don't generally make it because the men have to be cross-dressing due to some situational necessity, not just because they personally like it.

As far as critical-darling cross-dressing movies go, this is the least stupid one, although by Billy Wilder or Jack Lemon standards it's pretty weak.

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A while back, they did a TV version movie of Shakespeare's Richard II where Richard cries the whole time. It's not very good, except the Patrick Stewart part which is excellent.

This is a Bikini Machine


An article arguing that "It's A Wonderful Life" is "relentlessly depressing".

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One of the more beautiful and unusual Warner Brothers cartoons, whose art director seems to have no other credits, inspired by a movie I'd never heard of.

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Ancient Clickhole: Paleantologists break down Jurassic Park

Iron Man 2 (2010)

The a-story is about Tony's alcoholism and depression and father issues, and the b-story is about some guy who is angry. The a-story's big action sequence (the best of the film) is against his best friend. Then Tony cures all his psychological problems and flies off because he remembers there's still a b-story to wrap up. The b-story action sequence is very long, and poorly filmed, and darkly lit, and with a lot of bad CGI. It is boring and takes forever and, because it is the b-story, you know it's not very important. It deflates what was otherwise a decent movie.

Also notable is that Terrence Howard is replaced by Don Cheadle. Imagine being in a huge superhero franchise only to find out that not only have you been replaced by a Golden Girl, but not even one of the more well-known Golden Girls.