Facts About Bruce Springsteen

Light Floor - glue70

Neon Impass - City Girl

Stardust - Keely Smith (1959)

The Sarah Silverman Program - Season 1

It's hard to explain how good this is. Imagine a vulgar cartoon, like South Park or all the ones they've been putting on Netflix, but imagine it without the self-importance and/or lazy snarkiness. Imagine it with characters you like, instead of punchline delivery machines. And the head writer is Dan Harmon, of Ricky and Morty and Community. If that sounds appealing to you at all, then go out and watch this and you will not be disappointed.

I'm Nobody's Baby - Ruth Etting (1927)

18-09-30 Weekly Links

Kakuna - Glue70

Music To Make You Misty

In addition to being a comedy actor, Jackie Gleason was a successful orchestral pop composer in the 50s. He was actually pretty good, and that is my favourite album art of all time.

I used to have a copy, which originally belonged to my grandparents or great grandparents (not sure, found it in a barn).