Fontana Dell'Acqua Felice - Domenico Fontana

Daily Links

More friggin Estonian mythology!! Estonia's national epic is the Kavelipoeg, which is about an anti-hero who causes more problems than he solves because of his impulsiveness and tendency towards violence. Someone made a wacky, tongue-in-cheek short summarizing the Kavelipoeg as a children's story. The sound design is as excellent as the the short itself is ridiculous. The last minute or so is definitely worth watching.

Daily Links

My new favourite Wikipedia page is Legends of Tallinn, which is currently a mix of traditional folklore and creepy urban legends.

Daily Link

I'm starting to love Estonian mythology. Tõll the Giant.

Weekly Links - 50% NSFW Edition

Fountain Of Poseidon In Diafani, Greece

Athenian Coin From Around When Democracy Was Invented

Hercules And The Wagoner, From Baby's Own Aesop

Diana And Callisto - Palma Vecchio
(just got home from a concert. There's too much summer fun for me to do weekly links, but don't worry: I'm in the Pacific Northwest and soon it will rain for six months straight)