The President Of Sri Lanka Dismissed The Prime Minister, The Prime Minister's Website Is Just This Right Now

Sarah Silverman Told A Dirty Joke Eight Years Ago
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CNN and Fox News are both trying to stretch out the James Gunn controversy by pointing out that Sarah Silverman told an obscene joke. Next you'll be telling me Seinfeld's been doing observational humour.

Facebook Asks for Your Nudes
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When I was young, I loved Star Trek and was 100% convinced that technology would solve social problems and improve everyone's quality of life worldwide.

Zuckerburg just said that Facebook will protect you from revenge porn if you send them your nudes.

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My name is Kyle. I am a programmer and this is my blog.

When I first used the internet, at about the age of 14, it was mostly math geek programmers talking about the nerdy things they thought were cool. It shaped my life for the better.

Now it's mostly social networking, where everything eventually gets drowned out by neo-nazi incels who hate everything. Social networking is the exact opposite of what used to be good about the internet.

Sananab is my attempt to make a fun, positive place to share neat stuff and to remember that the world is full of cool things.

Aside from this blog, I am the creator of Flashcardia - a spaced repetition learning tool - and a pretty good online fortune page.

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