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Someone made an unbelievably-beautiful Conway's Game of Life machine.

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In CSS, easing is not just for transitions.

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Very interesting size/speed/system call benchmarks for 'Hello World' in a number of languages. 'Hello World' might seem trivial and non-comprehensive, but the results are extremely surprising and enlightening.

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Voxel Space: an interesting article about a major leap in 90s computer graphics. Lots of pretty pictures to help demonstrate.

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I talked about De Stijl yesterday. Piet is a programming language whose programs can look like De Stijl paintings, although you can see from the samples that people have created all kinds of patterns, like the giant red circle that calculates an approximation of Pi, or the 'Hello World' that looks like the world.

Daily Link: Banwhich

Better network usage visualization for the console

Daily Link: Lazy Enumerators In Ruby

Fun with Ruby

Weekly Links - Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me Edition

'Build Your Own Lisp' Solutions: 6.6

Q: Change the grammar to recognize decimal numbers such as 0.01, 5.21, or 10.2.


"                                                   \
number   : /-?[0-9]+(.[0-9]+)*/ ;                   \
operator : 'add' | 'sub' | 'mul' | 'div';           \
expr     : <number> | '(' <operator> <expr>+ ')' ;  \
lispy    : /^/ <operator> <expr>+ /$/ ;             \