The Pantheon and the Piazza della Rotonda - Jakob Alt

Campo Vaccino, Eighteenth Century - Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Weekly links on hold again. Please enjoy this cow field.

Raphael's Grave, The Pantheon

Palmyra Before Isis

Vatican Obelisk Erection, 1586

Gladiator (2000)

I get that most historical movies are about as accurate as this one is, but why use real names? Imagine if they made a movie about Jimmy Carter killing Gerald Ford, and then developing a violent blood feud with some made-up baseball player.

Anyway, this movie is weird emotions porn and very boring.

Diana And Callisto - Palma Vecchio
(just got home from a concert. There's too much summer fun for me to do weekly links, but don't worry: I'm in the Pacific Northwest and soon it will rain for six months straight)

Triumphal Arch Of Trajan In Timgad

Eruption Of Vesuvius - Niccolò Codazzi And Domenico Gargiulo