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18-11-25 Weekly Links

18-10-21 Weekly Links

Prometheus (2012)

The internet made me feel bad for liking this. I'm not sure why I let them influence me; the only movies the internet likes are the Dark Knight, MCU movies, and the Star Wars franchise but none of the individual Star Wars movies.

Anyway, I'm supposed to hate this because, in the film, some characters in their 20s make an irrational decision under duress, which I am supposed to find unrealistic. I'd say this is about as good as the seventh movie in a franchise is going to get.

Ghost Hunting

Shutter Island (2010)

Horror movies set the bar so low that the good ones get called thrillers. This one is extra scary if you've recently quit smoking, because not only is everyone smoking in nearly every scene, but they do tight close-ups of lit cigarettes, burning away their delicious, smoky goodness.