Coloana Infinitului - Constantin Brâncuşi

Selene, from the Pergamon Altar

The Pantheon and the Piazza della Rotonda - Jakob Alt

Fontana Dell'Acqua Felice - Domenico Fontana

Cycladic Harp Player

Daily Link

Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely used to make machines that created abstract paintings. The machines themselves are quite nice to watch and work as art in themselves. Take a look.

Modern Art - Sam Hunter et al.

Blarg. Sometimes this book has a lot of interesting things to say, which kept me reading. A lot of the time, they're just blandly listing off as many artists as possible. This is a very frustrating book, because it could have been really good if the authors had just focused in a bit more.

Continuity - Max Bill

Lithuanian National Theatre In Vilnius