Johannes Kepler - Unknown Artist

From Galileo

Siena Cathedral Dome - Bernini and Johann Paul Schor

Poem By Kamo No Chomei, Painting By Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Calligraphy By Hon'ami Kōetsu

"If we follow the ways of the world, things are hard for us; if we refuse to follow them, we appear to have gone mad."

Still Life With Gold Cups Of Honour - Clara Peeters

The Alchemist - Ben Jonson

I really want to like a play that starts with 'I fart at thee', but most of the humour doesn't really hit home.

The sort of people that praise this as a masterpiece and a work of genius also become visibly upset when the same type of humour is sold to a modern audience. I had English teachers who would endlessly whine and complain about Adam Sandler and the like, but is this monument of world literature really any different? The world of English majors and literary critics has a lot more to do with posturing than with actual books.

Joueuse De Cistre - Caesar Van Everdingen

Dishes With Oysters, Fruit, And Wine - Osias Beert The Elder

Still Life Of Fish In A Harbour - Jan Van Kessel