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Back in the 80s, a Max Headroom impersonator took over two Chicago TV stations and no one to this day knows who or how. Definitely watch the videos in the article.

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I love it when people edit down movies or shows to less than five minutes without losing any plot or characterization. Punky Brewster's friend gets trapped in a fridge!!!

Sphinx Soviet Home Automation System

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I've never seen Miami Vice, but Youtube recommended me "the most memorable and famous scene from the Miami Vice television series": the 'In The Air Tonight' scene. I have to say it is pretty intense considering I have no idea what's happening.

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Crac, one of the great animated shorts of all time. Canada's 'Hundred Years Of Solitude'. I hope you like crying.

Ronald Reagan

Haven't Read This One, But Love The Cover Art

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When I was a teenager I had an irrational hatred of covers and so did most other people who were into rock music. At some point in my adult life I realized that covers are a good thing. A good cover compliments, rather than competes with, the original recording. Case in point: the Chromatics' rendition of Running up that Hill.

Mother And Child - Alice Neel