The Sarah Silverman Program - Season 1

It's hard to explain how good this is. Imagine a vulgar cartoon, like South Park or all the ones they've been putting on Netflix, but imagine it without the self-importance and/or lazy snarkiness. Imagine it with characters you like, instead of punchline delivery machines. And the head writer is Dan Harmon, of Ricky and Morty and Community. If that sounds appealing to you at all, then go out and watch this and you will not be disappointed.

Children's Hospital Season 2

Slightly funnier than season 1, but not the comedy freight train it became in season 3.

It's absolutely mind-blowing to think that this parody of Grey's Anatomy ran its full seven seasons and ended over two years ago, while Grey's still blindly stumbles on, killing off characters as fast as they're introduced.

Maria Bamford: Old Baby (2017)

I genuinely think that Maria Bamford is one of the funniest people around right now, along with being a remarkably talented voice actress. That being said, her act has gotten more and more avant-garde over the years, and her jokes are now so disjoined that I have a really hard time enjoying her comedy anymore. I'd probably have given this a perfect rating if I had watched this special in five minute daily intervals.

Lady Dynamite - Season 1

For me, Maria Bamford's comedy is as hilarious as it is exhausting. Combine that with non-linear, post-modern narrative-breaking, and it ends up being something I appreciate a lot more than I enjoy.

Commedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Season 3

Some primitive part of my mind keeps thinking, "A funny person interviewing funny people. That will definitely be funny." and Seinfeld keeps proving me wrong again and again. It's like he's conducting some kind of experiment to punish people for liking comedy.

Clone High

Fifteen years later this still holds up really well, in spite of the odd dated pop culture reference and the Jack Black episode you can comfortably skip. Maybe the sharpest parody ever made.

Brooklyn 99 - Season 5

Commedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Season 2

You can safely skip all these, even if you are a fan of the people being interviewed. The ones with Obama, Letterman, Carl Reiner, and Will Ferrell are just barely mildly entertaining. It's interesting to see Rickles drop his bit here and there, but he also makes weird comments at a waitress.

Will And Grace