Weekly Links - The Glorious Future Of Technology Edition

Charlie Parker: Big Band

The Portrait - René Magritte

Remote Control

Addams Family Values

From the days when sequels were almost always quickly-made, low-budget, and sloppy. The script feels like a first draft, the Addams Mansion lost most of its furniture, the Addams graveyard had all of its tombs replaced with generic tombstones, Raul Julia is pushed into the background in spite of the fact that he's Raul Julia. The Joan Cusack main story doesn't really come together, but the subplot involving the kids being sent to summer camp turns out so well that I'm going to (reluctantly) recommend it anyway.

Spicy Detective, March 1940

Postcard, c. 1918

Ronald Reagan, Morticia Addams, Mickey Rooney, Etc.

MST3K: The Gauntlet (2018)

More consistent than The Return. More consistent than the original show. If they can make six good episodes every year or two, I'm a happy man.