Sun Rising Through Vapour - Turner

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Paul McCartney was the light, poppy Beatle, compared to dark-and-edgy John Lennon. Except for that time during The Troubles when he wrote a very cheerful song which was pro-IRA...

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When I was a teenager I had an irrational hatred of covers and so did most other people who were into rock music. At some point in my adult life I realized that covers are a good thing. A good cover compliments, rather than competes with, the original recording. Case in point: the Chromatics' rendition of Running up that Hill.

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Mitchell and Webb: Remain Indoors

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"I'm so Happy I Can't Stop Crying" is a very good Sting song, but the video is horrible in an extremely inexplicably bizarre way. Not just because he looks like Endgame Hawkeye.

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It's a bit of a ruin that Cromwell knocked about a bit

Charles Allan Cathcart Grave, Anjer-Lor, West Java, Indonesia

Chichester Canal - Turner

John Bull Embracing The Pie Man OR A Friendly Visit To Zeland
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