"Victory Garden" In A Bomb Crater, WWII London

Paths Of Glory - 1957

Ridiculous. And cowardly. If he'd made this movie about his own country's military, and not an country with fighting on its own soil, he'd have had his career destroyed. If Kubrick hadn't made it, no one would take this seriously.


During the war, the African came in contact with practically all the peoples of the earth. He met them on a life and death struggle basis. He saw the so-called civilized and peaceful and orderly white people mercilessly butchering one another just as his so-called savage ancestors had done in tribal wars. He saw no difference between so-called primitive and so-called civilized man. In short, he saw through European pretentions that only Africans were savages.

- Ndabaningi Sithole, more quotes at Fortunecardia

Portugal Personified, Made During WWI

Gori Fortress

Four Generals Of Zhongxing - Liu Songnian

HMS Sussex, WWII

Red Figure Kylix - Nicosthenes Painter

Georgia, 2008